Good YGOs #1 – Dealing with losing

First of all let me say how happy I am about the new match play rating system on Dueling Network.  I know a lot of us (myself included) have been waiting for this feature for a long time.  I advise you all to start using this more than the single game rating system, as it helps you learn how to side deck against a plethora of different matchups, it is more skill based than playing a single game, and of course, there is slightly less sacking in match play XD

Speaking of sacking and bad luck, my luck turned for the worse yesterday while playing matches on DN.  After starting out with a 20-3 record, I accidentally played my newly built Inzektor deck instead of my Wind-Ups (I hadn’t yet made a side deck for my Inzektors) and ended up losing.  Right after that, I lost 2-1 to counter fairies.  While the guy was a good player (I had played him before), he legitimately only won because he drew the absonuts: 2x Warning, Starlight Road, and Bountiful Artemis going 1st games 1 and 3.  Game 3 he also said he would eventually top Thunder King and the next two turns after he says that he tops TWO Thunder Kings back to back…like wtf?  On top of all of that he compulsed both my Spirit Reapers to attack for game.  I rage quit and told him “bgs” or “bad games”.  I was pretty pissed off.

Then of course the guy I play after is about to lose g3 against my Hero deck and has 20 cards left in deck.  He has 3 Dark World Monsters in hand, very few life points (I could have stopped his normal summon and attacked for game next turn) and says he needs to top Card Destruction.  What does he top during his Draw Phase?  You guessed it, Card Destruction.  Plays Card Destruction for a +2, top decks reborn which renders my Torrential useless because after I Torrential his Broww he reborned he summons his last card in hand…a Snoww -__- to get back Grapha and sometime in the next couple turns he wins.  Although I was annoyed, I wasn’t as mad this game since the guy did actually play skillfully games 1 and 2 so I tell him gg and leave the match.

The thing is, when you get “sacked” and start getting mad on DN you should probably stop dueling for a little while.  Personally, when I tend to get a negative attitude I start playing like crap and lose games that I should have won.  Also, I advise you whenever you lose a match to think about any possible misplays that you made during the match that could have turned the tide in your favor had you played right.  While the guy did sack the Card Destruction game 3 to win, I thought about a minor misread I made game 1 that had I not made could have given me a fighting chance to win the first game.  Stuff like that.  Instead of being hard-headed and making excuses for losing, only tell yourself you got sacked if you truly didn’t make any misplays and lost to nutty hands.  It’s always fun to win, but realize that instead of getting mad when you lose, you can turn many of the games you lose into a learning experience.

When you are humble enough to regognize and admit your mistakes, you will become a better duelist.  And when you become a better duelist, eventually you will start winning matches you previously would have lost.

That’s about it – TDA


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