Good YGOs #1 – Dealing with losing

First of all let me say how happy I am about the new match play rating system on Dueling Network.  I know a lot of us (myself included) have been waiting for this feature for a long time.  I advise you all to start using this more than the single game rating system, as it helps you learn how to side deck against a plethora of different matchups, it is more skill based than playing a single game, and of course, there is slightly less sacking in match play XD

Speaking of sacking and bad luck, my luck turned for the worse yesterday while playing matches on DN.  After starting out with a 20-3 record, I accidentally played my newly built Inzektor deck instead of my Wind-Ups (I hadn’t yet made a side deck for my Inzektors) and ended up losing.  Right after that, I lost 2-1 to counter fairies.  While the guy was a good player (I had played him before), he legitimately only won because he drew the absonuts: 2x Warning, Starlight Road, and Bountiful Artemis going 1st games 1 and 3.  Game 3 he also said he would eventually top Thunder King and the next two turns after he says that he tops TWO Thunder Kings back to back…like wtf?  On top of all of that he compulsed both my Spirit Reapers to attack for game.  I rage quit and told him “bgs” or “bad games”.  I was pretty pissed off.

Then of course the guy I play after is about to lose g3 against my Hero deck and has 20 cards left in deck.  He has 3 Dark World Monsters in hand, very few life points (I could have stopped his normal summon and attacked for game next turn) and says he needs to top Card Destruction.  What does he top during his Draw Phase?  You guessed it, Card Destruction.  Plays Card Destruction for a +2, top decks reborn which renders my Torrential useless because after I Torrential his Broww he reborned he summons his last card in hand…a Snoww -__- to get back Grapha and sometime in the next couple turns he wins.  Although I was annoyed, I wasn’t as mad this game since the guy did actually play skillfully games 1 and 2 so I tell him gg and leave the match.

The thing is, when you get “sacked” and start getting mad on DN you should probably stop dueling for a little while.  Personally, when I tend to get a negative attitude I start playing like crap and lose games that I should have won.  Also, I advise you whenever you lose a match to think about any possible misplays that you made during the match that could have turned the tide in your favor had you played right.  While the guy did sack the Card Destruction game 3 to win, I thought about a minor misread I made game 1 that had I not made could have given me a fighting chance to win the first game.  Stuff like that.  Instead of being hard-headed and making excuses for losing, only tell yourself you got sacked if you truly didn’t make any misplays and lost to nutty hands.  It’s always fun to win, but realize that instead of getting mad when you lose, you can turn many of the games you lose into a learning experience.

When you are humble enough to regognize and admit your mistakes, you will become a better duelist.  And when you become a better duelist, eventually you will start winning matches you previously would have lost.

That’s about it – TDA


Wind-Up Deck Profile (TCG Legal)

This is my Wind-Up deck that I’ve been using recently on Dueling Network.  It has a favorable matchup against every deck besides Rabbit.  The deck got me to 1600 rating playing both matches and single games…I had around a 2-1 or 3-1 win loss ratio against +1500 ranked opponents in match play.  People think the deck is garbage playing full matches but it really isn’t.  Anyways, onto the decklist:


Main Deck: 40 Cards

Monsters: 20

3x Wind-Up Rat

2x Wind-Up Rabbit

2x Wind-Up Hunter

3x Wind-Up Shark

2x Wind-Up Magician

3x Tour Guide from the Underworld

1x Sangan

3x Effect Veiler

1x Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness

Spells: 10

1x Dark Hole

1x Monster Reborn

1x Heavy Storm

1x Pot of Avarice

2x Wind-Up Factory

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Instant Fusion

Traps: 10

2x Solemn Warning

1x Solemn Judgment

2x Fiendish Chain

2x Bottomless Trap Hole

2x Dimensional Prison

1x Starlight Road

Extra Deck: 15

3x Wind-Up Zenmaighty

1x Wind-Up Zenmaines

1x Acid Golem

1x Leviathan Dragon

1x Leviair

1x Giga-Brilliant

1x Temtempo

1x Utopia

1x Maestroke

1x Adreus

1x Tiras

1x Flame Ghost

1x Stardust Dragon

Side Deck: 15

1x Maxx “C”

2x Spirit Reaper

1x Wind-Up Soldier

1x Wind-Up Factory

2x Dimensional Fissure

2x Soul Taker

2x Nordic Relic Laevateinn

1x Dust Tornado

1x Torrential Tribute

2x Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

2x Nordic Relic

Now to explain a few card choices:

2x Hunter instead of 1: Helps you combo off with the loop more fluidly game 1.  I almost always side one out game 2.  I tried using 1 Hunter and game one there were so many times where I wished I had the second Hunter.

3x Effect Veiler: Do you want to lose to Rabbit, Mirror Match, Inzektors, Chaos Monsters, etc.?  I didn’t think so.  A very safe meta call in my opinion (and in the opinion of many other players) at the moment.

1x Gorz: I feel like a lot of people don’t expect to run into this against Wind-Ups.  Also just serves as a beefy ass monster in a deck where a lot of your other monsters are pretty tiny.

2x Wind-Up Factory: A lot of people don’t like this card and I can’t understand why.  The advantage you can get from it is pretty ridiculous.  Also games 2 and 3 when you usually throw in the third factory, a lot of the time you can gain so much advantage off this card it makes your opponent’s one for one removal, Effect Veilers and Maxx “C”s obsolete because you can simply try and combo off the next turn or easily alter the way you combo off the turn they attempt to stop you.

1x Instant Fusion: Solid card, usually side out games 2 and 3.  I would main deck two of them but extra deck space is tight.

2x Fiendish Chain:  The power to stop attacks prevents your opponent from beating over your small monsters, but more importantly it stops monster effects.  I prefer this card over Torrential Tribute because in this deck there aren’t too many monsters you are ok with Torrentialing away, if you know what I mean.  The only ones are basically Sangan, Wind-Up Rabbit, and in some cases Wind-Up Zenmaines.  I’d rather stop your monsters than be forced to get rid of my own.

2x Dimensional Prison:  No one expects people to play this in Wind-Ups.  It sucks balls against Inzektor (like really, really bad) but it’s good against everything else.  I’ve probably D-Prisoned Light Pulsar Dragon more than any other card.

1x Starlight Road:  The trollzy choice of the deck.  Let’s be honest…you don’t need to play this card but I like it a lot.  Lets you set multiple backrow and more importantly overextend your monsters in a deck that can easily monster spam.  Also, like Dimensional Prison, NO ONE EXPECTS YOU TO PLAY THIS and when you hit them up with a Starlight Road they usually get pretty mad.

Side Deck Choices:

1x Maxx “C”: I don’t think you need to play more than one of these.  Side against the mirror, Hieratics, Rabbit, and a couple of other things I can’t think of at the moment

2x Spirit Reaper: Solid against Rabbit, mirror match, Chaos Dragons, and some other rogue decks like Six Samurai. You’d be surprised how many games you win by sitting on Reaper’s ass until you can safely start comboing off to regain control of the game.

1x Wind-Up Soldier: Big beater, factory searchable.  Gets over Thunder King, Rabbit Vanillas, ya kno.

1x Wind-Up Factory: Explained this earlier.

2x Dimensional Fissure: Chaos Dragons and Dark World

2x Soul Taker: Good against a lot of stuff, makes cards miss timing, yada yada yada

2x Nordic Relic Laevateinn: A recent addition to the deck…my friend told me to playtest this against Rabbit and so far it’s working pretty well. Gets rid of Dollka and Laggia with ease.  I’ll let you know if I decide to keep this card in or take it out for something else.  It’s the card I’m the most unsure of in the sideboard at the moment.

1x Dust Tornado: Simple backrow removal…I’ve seen some people play Decree but I personally wouldn’t play it because I you rely on your backrows for protection and you can’t easily get rid of it like Inzektors can with Hornet

1x Torrential Tribute: Good card is good.  Side it in when you feel it necessary.

2x Shadow Imprisoning Mirror: Inzektors and Dark World

So that’s the deck.  Let me know if you guys have any questions or suggestions, k?


Sup guys, this is ! TopDeckArchfiend ! from Dueling Network.  You can call me Tony.

This blog is going to be about Yu-Gi-Oh, sports, and everything in between.  Enjoy!

– Tony